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Friday, 20 January 2012

Problem? :'(

Well hello blogger :/ today idk why i feel so so so sad.First 2 of my friends will go to another school, takdapat jumpa diorang pun td tak teringat plak asyik terfikir pasal ali je. dia kenapa doh? dh change because of no reason, suka berseorangan, tak turun rehat then usha aku tak naktegur. Kau asal doh ali? Diam taktentu pasal? sombong tak kene tempat? APAHAl? try cerita kat aku, rela dgr segala-galanya. Tapi kau ego! ikut sgt ckp syibli tu, yaa aku tau aku salah buat kau mcmcm Im so sorry. You're my first love:) I'm just in love with you. And  i"m just need you in my life. You're my everything.But you? I know you want to focus on your study and i wish goodluck fr your SPM make me proud of you! show me you can Then i want one day you marry me ;) i wish
It's hard to forget you n remove you from my life as hard as add math =D this year will be last year. You're are my best senior ever i had. I swear.

It's hard to type all my feeling right now. I love you to infinity. why don't you understand it. sampai disini sahaja tq :)