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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wishlist :/

Well Hello blogeeer :) peace ehee, so today i feel so happy because he already aprroved myrequest
I really really Happy :) thnk god. It's mean he still can accept me in his life :)
I wll make your life wonderful InsyaAllah. Ehehee
Well yesterday was Azhar's birthday. Happy birthday bro =)
Semoga menjadi lebih matang k. You cool dude!
So when my father asked him what he wants fr his birthday automatically reminds me what should i ask my father
Give me for pmr kan. Ipad? ehehe mesti ar nak!
Galaxy Z :Obses okay --'
Laptop? hmmm noo.
Iphone 4s that wasss greaaat !
Okay so now i'm just waiting fr my father to think or pertimbangkan on what i want :) Oh yeah well
this year i'll show to my parents that i can do well in my exam for sure :) ahaha
So my wish list wass:
 oh my love i really really want this serious.

This is we call Galaxy Z smart kan? Iknow that!