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Friday, 17 February 2012

H I D U P : )

Assalamualaikum :) well this week was packed! TOO PACKED actually, my problems, misunderstanding and all well thats what we call life rite? Yeps. And let's strt with friends and goes to my love and finally faamily ?:) okay first friends, this week my friend has a big problem, but unfortunately CLASH! nahh its okay kan, tu diorang not me, Then i'm just analyze my friends attitude ya ade baik ada buruk, yg buruk tu hanya tuhan sahaja yg tahu :) simpan dlm hati jelaa kan. then goes to MUHAMMAD ALI FIKRI like woaaah!HAHAHA ya semua yg berlaku its just like KEBETULAN sahaja sebenanrnya kan? :)But i'm happy with thaaat! And he already gave the answer tht he wants to focus to his study :) im happy to hear that ya his future kan? Why not teruskan? but at one day when i was lepaks with acap n ina, he came to school and look at me? why? im beautiful:p im ugly? naah dia je yg tahu kan. Im try to think postive to all people. But wit this guy i just can't to think positive cuz him already did the negative thing to my life ! but sokaay la balasan tu bila bila kot kan, wait n see ehee. but tht guy was saw me with weird face WHAT? WHAT? apa kau nak? aku tak kacau ali pun no need to worries la brother aku tak rosakkn hidup dia pun. Jaga dia k
Family: no story la malas nk cerita actually,
1.I want to show at them who jealous with my face tht i can change my personality! Watch me
2.Prepare with the exam i hope can do it the best for the first exam.InsyaAllah
3.Finish All of my homeworks.
4 No to care wht people want to say about me. MY LIFE LA!
5.I'm happy with what im doing to myself so back off people.!
6.improve my Add math LOL :p